Sunday, April 15, 2012

kobe: bird cafe

I was trying to see what other interesting/weird cafes Kansai has to offer, and found a bird cafe right in Kobe.

I had been to a bird cafe once before in Seoul and the place had a darker, much more moody ambiance. The birds were free to run around all over the place there, but here they were confined in a large cage to the right of the seating area. I was a little disappointed, though my companion thought that perhaps it was to avoid birds landing on peoples' heads and hurting them with claws on accident.

I think these glasses are from the hundred yen store, but they're still cute.

The bread I ordered. It's supposed to be in the shape of a bird, and I don't see it, but it was yummy anyway ^.^

Bird tea cozy!!

The birds themselves. Info on the wall listed their names and breeds.

Though I wished the birds could have been loose, the tea and bread in this cafe was good, and it has a nice upbeat blue & green ambiance.

Bird Cafe "Poko no Mori"

Website / 兵庫県神戸市灘区城内通3-2-14 スパイスビル1F / 10 mins walk from JR Nada or Hankyu Ojikoen station