Tuesday, April 17, 2012

kobe focus: sanda outlets

The OTHER outlet mall in Kobe is virtually in Sanda, the next town to the north. It's kind of a pain/expensive to get to unless you live in northern Kobe or north of Kobe so I don't go very much. This day I even looked to see if there is anything interesting to do in Sanda, and I didn't find much. ^^;;

On the weekends you can get a bus from the Sannomiya bus terminal straight to the outlets for 670 yen, which is way less expensive than taking the train/bus route.

This outlet mall is a lot bigger than the Marine Pia outlets and has most of the stores in that mall, plus far more luxury stores. I didn't take a picture but for anyone following more mainstream Japanese style there's also a Marui outlet ^.^

Cool shoes at the A Bathing Ape Pirate Store.

It's not an outlet mall without a Moussy.


The main reason I go: Gilfy outlet (and the only Gilfy store in Kobe)

The inside looks quite a bit like regular stores.

...and anticipates mamas.

I didn't buy anything this day. I was looking for a new coat, specifically, but all of them seemed to be too tight in the armpits (?!). I also saw a lot of flyaway stitching and buttons that weren't sewn on great...is gilfy quality declining?....

Another interesting store in this outlet is Plaza, which carries a ton of whatever the regular Plaza stores have overstocked.


Connected to the outlet mall by a bridge is the Aeon Mall...it's a very family oriented place so I wasn't interested in most of the stores in it - lots of kiddie clothes and toys. However, there's a Liz Lisa fusion which has both sweet and cooler Liz Lisa styles.

There was also a store that stocked Ghosts of Harlem but my feet were killing me by then and I didn't go down and see it. ^^;;

Aeon Mall Kita Kobe and Premium Outlets Sanda Kobe are a bus ride away from JR/Kobe Dentetsu Sanda Station. (Or you could take the direct from Sannomiya bus on the weekends.)