Saturday, May 5, 2012

Seoul yet again: Dongdaemun's Doota department store

Hi everyone, how are you doing? Despite me not posting in a bit it seems I had a small jump in followers - thanks!

It's now nearing the end of Golden Week in Japan, which is a string of holidays all bunched together. There are two workdays in the middle of the group of holidays for some reason, so I worked two days this week. Only in Japan..any other country would just give everyone the rest of the week off. But some students were mysteriously absent from school :)

It's one of the big vacation seasons in Japan, the other being summer. Since Monday was a holiday and I was able to take Friday off I went to Seoul, South Korea for the fourth time. Lady Gaga was there at the same time as me for her two concerts there and so EVERYONE kept telling me I looked like her. (OK, admittedly there's kind of a resemblance.)

I went for the first time to the Doota department store in Dongdaemun. Dongdaemun is known for being a place where you can haggle for all sorts of things with street vendors, but Doota is a new-style department store with mid-range/luxury goods (& no bargaining). It's also open until 5 am every day but Sunday holy crap. Most department stores are open until 8 in Kobe, 9 in Osaka, so it was a little surreal to still be shopping at 10:30 pm.

Of course I zeroed in on the one gyaru looking store right away. It was on floor B1.

I bought this shirt there, as well as a cool glove that I left at my friend's place...sigh....(I'll see her in July though)

Most of the other stores were typical mainstream Korean fashion with a focus on either a) casual drapey, non-form conscious wear or b) more body-con professional wear of form-hugging high-waisted skirts and tight blouses, kind of like what's found in Express in the West. Spot the unfortunate name problem in this photo...

One store had more Cecil McBee princess-style dresses. (And I swung my cell phone topper in front of the only photo I took of it. D'oh.)


The cat-on-tshirt trend was all over Seoul. This was one of the funnier ones.

I got my nails done! ...had to be work appropriate. >_<

I have about two more posts' worth of stuff to talk about from this trip, which is good because the rest of Golden Week I've just been relaxing, not much to talk about except American TV shows....^.^