Tuesday, May 15, 2012

seoul yet again pt.2: hongdae

I feel like I know Seoul a little better than the average tourist now...

(though there's still a lot I don't know)

...and my favorite place is Hongdae. Home to Hongik University, it's where you'll see (and can buy) most of the fun fashion Seoul has, and where you can party too.

Hongdae is famous (?) for the Ho Bar chain. My friend's been in one and she says they're just like any other bar. A case of unfortunate naming?? Or fortunate because all the foreigners remember the name??

I got my hair cut again at EzHair. (Spot the unfortunately named store in the same building?!)

The owner (right) speaks little English but is great with foreign hair. I found their website but it's all in Korean D:

There's a lot of shopping in Hongdae to be had too. SO MANY COLLARS.

In a quieter part of Hongdae (sorry, don't remember where ;_;) is a number of cool vintage and handmade shops. In an all-handmade store I LOVED the designs made by this group (or person?) called Sunny Room.

I tried to find out some more info on either the handmade store or the designer and couldn't D:

Some of Sunny Room's works - skulls mixed with pastels and other discordant items like roses :)

What I bought - a cell phone topper from Sunny Room and a second skull ring that matches the one I got last time.

Finally, a little bit of the islands in Hongdae too with this Dole Plantation themed ice cream shop.